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Product Demo Video: Synergize Document Management Software

For over 20 years, transportation and logistics businesses have trusted Synergize to store, organize, share and retain all of their critical information and documents.

Any content, ranging from emails to scanned paper documents to MS-Office files, can be accessed and processed by any authorized user within the system. This single information management platform helps organizations facilitate communication and collaboration, streamline overly manual business processes, and reduce reliance on antiquated paper-based systems.

This product demo is a high-level walk-through of our flagship document management software, Synergize. We show you how Synergize provides your business with:

  • Increased levels of redundancy for disaster recovery and/or compliance purposes
  • Shorter billing cycles and accelerated cash collections
  • Faster processing times through advanced search, storage and indexing functionality
  • Easier access to information regardless of the physical location of employees
  • Significant cost savings through process automation and fewer human errors
  • Capabilities including document management, document imaging, workflow, business process automation, records management, and more!

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